1st of December

December 1, 2014

The best time of the year starts today... Now I'm just waiting for snow and my baby!
Have a wonderful Christmas season!

copper diamonds | Louise Roe
green vase | Kähler
big glass bottle | House Doctor
copper candle holder | Tom Dixon
glass cube | Asplund
tree candle holder | Kähler

ready for the baby

November 16, 2014

Only 13 days left until expected date of delivery! Happy, that after 7 weeks of bed rest I still found some time to finish the baby corner...

grey cushion | Hay
elephant cushion | Mini Empire
string lights | La Case de Cousin Paul
mobile | The Alison Show
blanket | H&M
baby bed | Ikea

an electrifying concept store - Volta

September 17, 2014

An insiders' tip for all fans of midcentury style and contemporary and minimalist interior design is Volta, a new shop in the 9th district of Vienna. The shop is rather small but you can get lost in so many beautiful details!
Pretty products from well known brands like Frama, Studio Arhoj, by Mölle, Falcon and many more, but even stunning individual items and products from less well-known brands you can find here in a fine selection. Another highlight is the fantastic midcentury shop furnishing - so definitely worth a visit!

gift wrapping with rose hips

September 15, 2014

Here comes just a quick idea for gift wrapping with rose hips and kraft paper... Autumnally elegant!

copper yarn | Garn & mehr

fragrance and colours of autumn

September 13, 2014

The scent of colourful autumn is already in the air...

vase | Kähler
scented candle | Skandinavisk
candle holder | Normann Copenhagen
copper tray | H. Skjalm P.

DIY leather tassel keychain

August 31, 2014

As the days here in Austria are already getting shorter and colder and as I'm getting more and more sluggish because of my growing bump, more time is left for DIYs and other projects. So here comes a little DIY for rainy Sundays like today... I like pretty keychains and this is an absolutely elegant version which is also easy to make. It's a tassel keychain made of leather.

You need: leather, keyring, pen, ruler, scissors, leather glue, clip, rubber band

Start by cutting two strips of leather - one that measures 8 cm x 0,5 cm and one that measures 25 cm x 9 cm.
Fold the smaller strip in half and through the keyring. Apply glue to the ends of the strip and affix them to each other. Fix it with the clip and leave to dry.
Use the ruler and the pen to mark 0,5 cm wide fringes on the bigger piece of leather and cut them. Leave a 2 cm strip uncut on one long side!
Apply glue on one end and affix the short strip with the keyring.
Begin rolling the fringed piece tightly around the smaller strip, applying glue at some points.
Glue the end of the fringed strip down onto itself. Fix it with a rubber band and leave to dry.
That's it!

wallet | Etsy
scissors | Hay

pure beauty

August 20, 2014

A simple dahlia from my mum's garden in my favourite vase.

vase | feinedinge*

new items for my desk

August 7, 2014

I've a weakness for pretty scissors and so the Phi scissors from Hay were on my wishlist already for so long. I also fall for that pen, a revival of the classical Ballograf biro as a special edition also from Hay.

scissors & pen | Hay
glass box | Iittala
lamp | &tradition

wish list for the baby corner

July 30, 2014

As I'm expecting my first baby - a boy - in late November, I'm already thinking about the look of the baby corner in our bedroom. I prefere neutral colours like grey and beige, fitting to the basic colours in our bedroom.

1. grey cushion | Hay
2. mobile | The Alison Show
3. elephant cushion | Mini Empire
4. baby bed | Ikea
5. wire basket | Ferm Living
6. blanket | H&M

a little green on my shelf

July 23, 2014

The heatwave is over - time for some fresh green on my shelf!

shelf | String
watch | Kähler
green vase | Muuto
glass/wood box | Iittala
sugar bowl | feinedinge*
mini greenhouse | Design House Stockholm
copper glass box | H&M Home
paper ornaments | Dorisse

the finest porcelain in the most delicious colours - feinedinge*

July 18, 2014

Maybe you have noticed those beautiful porcelain vases in some of my postings about my apartment, for example here or here. Well, these beauties are made by the talented Sandra Haischberger and her team. 

In 2005 Sandra started the label feinedinge* and since then many beautiful objects were created, amongst others the most popular collection AliceWhether vase, teapot or butter dish, each object is handmade and acts incredibly elegant. And the colours that Sandra chooses are just delicious!
In addition to the Alice collection you can also find many other wonderful tableware, home accessories and jewelry in her brand new showroom in Vienna's 4th district. The showroom is a treat for the eyes - white, black and grey walls, a white wooden floor, a stucco ceiling, a cosy corner with a vintage touch, stunning chandeliers, a group of pendant lights above a perfectly laid table and so many beautiful details more... Moreover, you can take a sneak peek at the atelier and the soon to be released collection "animals of the forest". A visit and a purchase are definitely worth it!
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