a border full of tulips

April 22, 2014

This perennial double border of a client was designed by me last year and in autumn 250 Darwin tulip bulbs were planted. Now they are in full bloom!

DIY Easter bunny jars

April 17, 2014

Easter is the time of bunnies and it's also the time of DIYs!
Therefore I made some simple Easter bunny jars. Filled with some sweets and hidden in the high grass it's a lovely little Easter present.

You need: an empty glass jar, bunny toy figure (for example from Schleich), spray paint, super glue

Start by gluing the bunny with super glue to the jar lid and leave to dry. Then carefully spray the glued bunny and lid until you have an even coat of paint and the original colour of both the bunny and lid are no longer visible. Leave to dry, fill with some sweets and now ready for hiding!

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