DIY birthday invitations in a box

November 12, 2015

Time flies and my baby already turns one next month - unbelievable! For this special day I have many plans and of course we throw a little birthday party with friends and family. And a great party requires special invitations!
So I created a foldable invitation in a box with a mini-honeycomb ball as the icing on the cake.

You need: some skills in a layout program like InDesign, small craft boxes, small honeycomb balls, glitter paper, bakers twine, scissors, cutter knife, glue

Design your invitations fitting exactly into the craft boxes when they are folded and print them at the copy shop, using strong paper. Cut them out and fold them like an accordion, then stick the lowest part onto the bottom of the box. Next, stick the honeycomb ball half-opened onto the backside of the uppermost part of the folded invitation. For the round labels with the arrow, the number and the word "invitation" I used a puncher to get exact circles, but of course you can also cut them out with the scissors. Cut out two extra circles from the glitter paper for the invitation- and the number-label. They have to be a little larger than the printed labels! Fix the printed parts onto the glitter-circles with some glue and make a little hole on the invitation-label. The label with the number has to be fixed onto the provided space on the invitation. For the 3D-effect I used foam tape, but of course this is not a must. Make also a hole on the top of the invitation, fix a piece of bakers twine and stick two arrow-labels on it. Fold the invitation into the box, add the lid and tie it up with bakers twine and the invitation-label. Done!
If you want to make your guests a double joy you can even cram chocolate with.

If you like my design and you would like to use it, you can download a neutral printable version here. This version fits into 6 x 6 cm boxes. You can customize it in InDesign or Photoshop for example. The matching fonts are available here and here.  

craft boxes | Depot
bakers twine | Garn & mehr
honeycomb balls | Wabenball-Shop


  1. LOve this idea!! Can I ask where you found these boxes? I have looked but no luck :(

    1. Hi! Thank you! I bought these boxes in Austria in a shop called "Depot". Try googling for "craft boxes" or try it on Etsy! Wish you luck!


      PS: Make sure to follow my blog at its new space:

  2. Hallo, wirklich eine tolle Idee. Wow.
    Könnest du mir die Design-Vorlage in einer anderen Farbe zur Verfügung stellen? Ich bräuchte es in rosa für ein Mädchen :)
    Lg Lisa


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